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55min 05sec

The world will never be the same. This video will change history. The best POV of all times I born!!! Ales, Libor and mystic glass in a brothel! Jesus, there is so much pussy in here! This will be a real hunt! Let’s get wasted, man! Shots are coming fast as bullets, guys are getting more and more crazy. They steal a bottle of vodka from the bartender. Man, check all the girls in here! Which should we chose? In the end they take 3 BIP whores to a room. Busty mother superior, amazing busty blonde and a model with long legs. This will be proper fucking! Glasses are filming all the time and girls notice nothing. Should we put the live broadcast from brothel on Facebook? Two guys and three elite whore covered in champagne. And now imagine the expression in Ales’ face when he gets the bill in the end. Priceless! We could have a holiday for that! So much money spent fucking! Top secret mission in a brothel! The best POV fuck of all times! You need to see this!
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27min 17sec

The real Czech intelligence agency and the elite agents Ales and Libor are back! With the use of unique spy technology – the glasses from the future. Where should we go tonight, man? Let’s start in a pub to get ready! And then start the pussy hunting! There are two girls, looking promising. It’s birthday of one of the girls! A reason to get shitfaced! Let’s get this party started! Bara is already pretty soaked when Ales directs her to the male bathrooms. The he fucks her there, recording all with his glasses. Love in the bathroom filmed on the ultimate spy device! Bara noticed nothing! This is just flawless! Spying is so exciting! Nobody else can offer you this!
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31min 13sec

Spying on Czech girls is amazing fun! All you need is the futuristic glass and then you can set off for a hunt! Guys, these glasses are from the future! Girls have no idea they are becoming movie stars Ales and Libor are heading to the city tonight, to get wasted and laid. They hit on a girl with a broken leg and drag her into the closest bar. Likable bartender starts pouring shots. Broken Petra has to leave and Libor is walking her. Fuck her, man! You’ll tell me tomorrow! Shit, we’d use another glasses. The amount of alcohol in Ales’ blood is rising, so is his ego. He tries to get the bartender wasted and fuck her. Lucka knows her drink though, but she also fancies Ales. Let’s move to the bathrooms. Just for a while, so the boss wouldn’t notice. He fucked her on the floor and on the sink. She had no idea he filmed her all the time. Man, this was a wild ride! Blonde bartender wipes the semen out of her face and hurries behind the bar. The secret agent walks away, looking forward to his bed. Mission accomplished! The true non-committal sex.
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49min 50sec

Today’s top secret mission will focus on sport! Libor and Ales went for a run into a famous Prague locality. Here’s another mission to get some pussy. The amazing glass is ready! Man, check out that bookworm. Lovely Bara is studying on the grass. She has no idea she just became the main star of a spy movie! She’s lovely, but she doesn’t seem like willing to fuck. We have to find some use for our bodies, girl! Athletic Lucka is a different case! We’ll get her! Lucka needs ride home and sine Ales is a gentleman, he will definitely help her. Man, can I have your car keys? This seems pretty serious, Lucka has fallen in love and there is no leaving. Ales fucks her right in the car without her even noticing she is being filmed. What a great day. Nice fuck for Ales, a good run for Libor. Exercise well-done, right? Guys take Lucka to tram. Get your tissues ready! This will be a heart-breaking goodbye. Secretly filmed love in car. Have you ever seen anything better? I doubt that.
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31min 16sec

The D-day is here! The unbelievable glass was used in action for the very first time! Ales is the chosen spy. He and his friend Libor went to beach to pick up some girls. The game is on! Today they are just getting laid! Nobody suspects Ales’ glasses are actually a top-notch spy camera. There are dozens of girls! Whom will guys pick? Sandra and Klara, two young pussycats. They look very promising. Man, let’s get them wasted and then fuck them! Perfect plan! The dream of all voyeurs! Guys bought shitload of drinks and went for a treddle In the sun it’s easy to get wasted! Let’s stop and play games! One kiss and suddenly Sandra’s pussy in being fingered and Sandra herself is sucking on a cock. Czech foursome in public! Filmed with glass – live broadcast from a top secret mission! An experience to remember! This is the best you will ever see! The first in the world! Let’s start the spying era!
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